Mango Margaritas

margarita05.jpgWe love drinking margaritas, especially in the warmer seasons. After many tries, this is our idea of the perfect margarita.

First of all, get some margarita salt at the grocery store. It’s basically like course rock salt, but it’s a nice shape for dipping a glass rim into. You can always refill it with kosher salt when you’re running low.

Wet the outer rim with lime juice, then press it into the salt.


Remove the glass from the salt, and give it a few shakes over the sink to avoid getting loose salt all over your house. Fill the glasses with ice, and set aside.


Put a few ice cubes into a mixed drink shaker, and add:


2 shots of tequilla

1 shot of Grand Marnier (Triple Sec works too)

2 shots of mango nectar (look in the Latin Foods section of your grocery store)

3 shots of margarita mix (I like

a squeeze of lime juice to give it a nice bite

Shake the mixer well and pour into the glasses. It makes a very pretty margarita!


Serve as is or with a splash of color.



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